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 Lawrence Associates relies on our intimate knowledge of what, how, and why customers buy business solutions to develop targeted training, marketing collateral, business value assessments and sales, services, and support enablement solutions. 

Our Services

Our integrated services portfolio leverages our intimate knowledge of our customer's customers, translating into relevant, measurable sales increases and sustainable behavior changes and performance improvements.  

Our Customers

Our expertise and concentration is in the following industries: Software, Telecom, Public Sector, Education, Professional Services

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About Us

Lawrence Associates LLC is a consulting and training firm serving clients world-wide. It is our business to help companies make wise business decisions to improve their bottom line. We are committed to a client-centric approach which values relationships, integrity, flexibility, independence, providing great value, and above all, results for our clients.

We are proud to have associations with enterprises that are equally determined to develop optimal solutions for our clients. These partnerships are one of the many ways Lawrence Associates demonstrates its commitment to quality workmanship. For example, with Microsoft, Lawrence Associates develops models and performs studies to determine both the business value and total cost of ownership of comparable IT solutions for companies throughout the United States and abroad.  Our CEO:

Bernard J. Lawrence 

Bernie Lawrence is a co-founder and CEO of Lawrence Associates LLC. Prior to starting Lawrence Associates LLC, he served as Vice President of Consulting, Sales and Marketing, and as a Managing Director of Business Consulting with Immedient Corporation, Microsoft’s largest privately-held solutions provider. Prior to Immedient, he was with Ernst & Young as an Area Director in the Information Security and Advisory Services, and Entrepreneurial Services groups. Before Ernst & Young, Bernie was with MCI Corporation in various executive roles in both the technical and sales & marketing areas. His last role was as a Senior Branch Manager for the NYC Financial Services Branch. Bernie spent several years with Chase Manhattan Bank in telecommunications planning and support roles. He has a BS in Administration & Management Science and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA in Finance from C.W. Post University.  blawrence@lawrence-associates.com

"When you build your business on a client-centric business model, you make a commitment to your customers that you will do what it takes to earn their trust and ensure their complete satisfaction."

Bernie Lawrence, CEO

Our Services

Business Value

From inception of the firm, Lawrence Associates LLC has specialized in helping organizations quantify the business value of business solutions within their organization – whether Corporation, Education or Government.

Today, Lawrence Associates LLC has evolved to support our clients’ successful deployment of their software investments, including - but not limited to - maximizing their investments in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) platform, enterprise project management infrastructure, and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

We have a team which includes MCTS certified MBAs that can work with business stakeholders to improve business processes that reduce costs, improve time to market, encourage rapid adoption of new or next gen software solutions, and increase revenue. 


For over a decade, Lawrence Associates LLC has been engaged with enterprise-level product groups, customer service & support, and world-wide field sales groups. Our reputation in training and readiness reflects the following:
Enhancing Field Sales Results

  • An ideal blend of business acumen, understanding of sales and customers, and a hunger to foster measurable and sustained behavioral change, delivered through any format, classroom, virtual instructor lead,  on-line/elearning, or MOOC. 
  • Consistently high user course satisfaction scores and completion rates 
  • Improved performance that is documented through increased close rates and manager reviews 
  • Deep domain expertise with world-wide field sales organizations 
  • For 20+ years, our consultants, instructional designers and trainers have enjoyed broad involvement in worldwide technology-based training and performance support across multiple industries in both public and private sectors 
  • One-stop resource for rapid development of performance support and JIT (just in time) solutions such as podcasts and reference materials 
  • Deep understanding of enterprise-level corporate and field-sales culture & systems 

Execution Excellence

  • Dependability, predictability and quality for training design and deployment
  • Development and delivery of Instructor-led, On-demand and Virtual Instructor-led training, On-line Reference Guides, Videos, Mobile deliveries and more 
  • Proactive project management that reduces burdens and surprises on the part of program managers and stakeholders - on-time, within-budget deliverables 
  • Excellent customer service (with stakeholders and their internal customers)

Our Customers

Building Distinctive Value Propositions

Construct a Winning Business Case

Solution selling has changed dramatically.  In today’s value-focused environment, decision-makers require a financial justification for virtually every significant investment. 

  Building Distinctive Value Proposition workshops provide the sales training necessary to develop, deliver, and defend a distinctive value proposition.  A single sentence summary, supported by a business case, shows the potential value a business solution will bring to a customer, with financial measures that clearly articulate the value created for the business as a result of the investment. 

Sample Value Proposition

“An investment of $250K in our {product/solution} should help decrease the time-to-market for your product development by 10%, allow you to reach your stated objective of growing market share by 5% over the next year, thereby achieving your targeted increase in net income $500K, and result in an IRR over a 3-year period of 100%.” 

Course Objectives 

  • Distill the value proposition of your product or service into a single-sentence, clearly-stated financial argument.    
  • Directly align the costs and key benefits of a solution to the customer's needs and strategic goals.
  • Connect the sales team to the key decision-makers within the customer organization.    
  • Arm your key sponsors and stakeholders with a compelling business case to secure the required resources and internal support for your solution.  
  • Address risk proactively and neutralize it as a decision inhibitor.  

Student Testimonials

"This course should be required for all sales related people in our company"...  (Munich, Apr 2012) 


"The best class I have taken in years"... (Oslo, Mar 2015)


"This is one of the best trainings I have ever attended, thank you."    

(Prague, Mar 2016)


"I found this exceptionally beneficial"... (Johannesburg, Jan 2017)


"Every account manager and every account team unit manager needs to attend this course." (Chevy Chase, Maryland, Dec 2017) 

Who Should Attend

Customer-facing professionals, including:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Technical Support
  • Field Marketing Specialists
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Specialists
  • Sales/Service Leadership

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